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Father Libotean - Saint John the BaptistSaint John the Baptist
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Father Gheorghe Libotean

Father Gheorghe Libotean

In 1997 Fr. Gheorghe Libotean was appointed as Parish Priest by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.

Fr. Gheorghe Libotean, working very hard with the initial church parishioners, was instrumental in motivating people to come together as a community, bound by faith, culture, and history. By promoting respect for each other and for the community, church membership grew rapidly, and the church raised funds and build a beautiful church.

Fr. Gheorghe Libotean led the Parish, assisted by Fr. Virgil Suciu who was in charge of church youth and the director of Sunday School, and Fr. Filimon Barbos in charge with senior citizens.

Fr. Libotean retired in February 2017, after many years of leadership and service to our Parish. The parishioners are forever indebted to Fr. Gheorghe for his contribution to the community, church, and people of Romanian Orthodox faith in Arizona. The Parish will continue having Fr. Gheorghe serving on occasions, as he is pursuing his retirement dreams. The Romanian community is thanking him for his service, and wish him HAPPY RETIREMENT!